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  • Safety

    Guest Responsibility And Rules

    Everyone that enters The Jump Yard trampoline courts must have completed and signed a valid waiver. Those under the age of 18 must have a waiver completed and signed by their parent, legal guardian, or an individual with power of attorney.

    Prior to participation jumpers and accompanying adults assume full responsibility to ensure that:

    • All waivers are properly completed.
    • Everyone has listened to the Court Monitors instructions.
    • Everyone has read the signs posted at each trampoline court.
    • Everyone must have purchased valid jump time before entering any court.

    Court Rules:


    • Be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar age/size. It is your responsibility to avoid others.
    • Walk on to and off the courts.
    • Wear jump socks at all times to prevent slipping and injury.
    • Jumpers and accompanying adults must follow all park rules and the Court Monitors instructions at all times.
    • Empty your pockets entirely. Do not jump with any loose items.
    • Jumpers and accompanying adults assume full responsibility for their actions and conduct.
    • Feet first and knees apart when jumping in the Foam Pit.
    • Jump in control.
    • Bend your knees to stop your bounce.
    • Bounce in the center of the trampoline.
    • Master the fundamental of single trampoline jumping before moving on to more advanced maneuvers such as trampoline to trampoline jumping and aerial type skills.

    Do Not

    • Land on your head or neck.
    • Double bounce or affect another jumpers bounce in any way.
    • Double flip and do not flip over the pads. No gainers. Single flips are permitted.
    • Jump if you have health limitations, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are pregnant.
    • Have anything in your mouth (food, gum, candies)
    • Sit or lie down on the court. If you are tired and need a rest, you must exit the court.
    • Push, tackle, run or engage in horseplay of any kind.
    • Touch any perimeter netting or top pads.
    • Throw balls at another jumpers head or neck area.
    • Hang on the basketball hoops.

    Non-compliance May Result In The Loss Of Jumping Privileges



    Trampoline Safety & Accident Prevention

    As in most recreational sports, participants may be injured. The following are common reasons why trampoline accidents happen and how to prevent them.

    Attemping summersaults:
    Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis or death even when landing on the middle of the trampoline.

    Incorrect transfer between trampoline and decking or platform areas:
    Walk from trampoline to decking areas. Improper transfer can result in sprains or breaks.

    Hitting the frame:
    Do not jump directly onto the safety pad. Jumpers should stay in the center of the trampoline when jumping. Injury may result from hitting the frame when control is lost.

    More than one person on the trampoline:
    Use by more than one person at the same time can result in serious injuries.

    Only one person per lane in the flip zone at a time:
    Do not jump in the flip zone when someone else is already in it as serious injury from collision may occur.

    No diving or performing a belly flop into the flip zone:
    Do not dive or attempt a belly flop into the flip zone as serious injury to head, neck or spine can result.

    Inadequate skill level:
    Attempting skills above one’s ability may result in serious injury paralysis or death.

    Foreign objects:
    Jumping with foreign objects can also increase the chances of getting injured. This includes keys, phones, cameras, belt buckles and studs. No jewellery is permitted while jumping.

    No food or objects in mouth:
    Chewing gum, food, candies or other objects in any person’s mouth are not permitted. These items may accidentally fall out causing unsanitary conditions and are also a choking hazard.

    Alcohol and drug use:
    Alcohol and drug use impair a jumper’s coordination and judgement. Loss of control and the risk of injuries are greatly increased. Individuals suspected of jumping while under such influences will be asked to leave the facility.

    Pre-existing conditions:
    Do not jump on the trampolines if you have a pre-existing condition or injury. Women who are pregnant should not participate in jumping.

    This list is not all inclusive. Please jump responsibly to minimize the risk of injury.